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UnixEpoch - Converter

Hex-Converter (Big Endian, max. FFFF FFFF)

 Hex > Dec
 Dec > Hex    

IMEI-Check (checksum digit)

Enter an IMEI to test for valid checksum digit. If IMEI is valid, youŽll get the link to my Python IMEI check tool for checksum test.

Multiconverter / Hex-Converter Chickenfeet (Python)

Python converter chickenfeet.py for conversions like Unix Time to UTC, hex/dec, byte endianess, reverse nibbles and ASCII.
Please enter '1400000000' for download link to appear below
. You need Python (works best on Python 3.2) installed to run it.

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screenshot: imei_check.pyw

screenshot: chickenfeet.pyw

my helpful little python tools

Generate text-, HTML and CSV exports from contacts.VCF files Usage: (python) vcf2THC.py [contacts.vcf]